Sick of hyper-inflated pricing at $2000+? Well I've got news for you!

You see, much of the price inflation on Ebay is induced by Ebay fees amounting to over $200 per sale. But here, all we get is the much smaller Paypal fee of around $60. So other than that this really comes down to the fact that no reseller simply buys to sell at barely enough to break even - there is risk and time involved, especially with getting shipping estimates for various regions. But now there is freedom to get the price to about $100-300 lower than any option on Ebay.

The purpose of these sales to make a profit are dedicated to paying off a heft medical bill from a recent crisis in the family, which has happened right in the middle of my most demanding year of grad school and production. Ok, onto the technicals...


Price includes insured shipping, which varies from $32-$45 depending on region.

  • This is a brand new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. 
  • The DaVinci Resolve license has not been used at all, it will be freshly yours. 
  • I do offer to open and test the camera before sending it, in case if it has a defect that I can address myself (battery door) or have BMD take care of.
  • No returns - If there is a defect, Blackmagic Design will resolve the issue for you quickly. No dealers are able to provide repairs, they only sell.


Feel free to contact me:
Phone: 585-905-1279


Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (US & Intn'l)

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