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The Feature Film Experience:

Experience Dead Reckoning Season 0 in a new way - an exclusive feature film cut of the entire season - with all 7 episodes seemlessly merged and repititions of the opening and end title sequences minimized to one occurance, and in newly enhanced/upgraded quality!


This release is packed with over 100 minutes of special features including:

  • 3 College Warfare episodes:
  • -Happy Valentines Duel
  • -How to Not Get Ban-Hammered from HvZ
  • -Campus Hero
  • Featurettes on How It All Began
  • Exclusive End Credits Scene This Gun is Legend
  • And more...

*DVD comes in 2 discs - one for the feature film and trailers, the other for special features

**Blu-Ray contains everything in one disc, and is strongly recommended over DVD due to the rapidly spreading of ownership of 4K TVs, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One/Series X systems which play Blu-Ray movies. DVD image can be acceptable on HDTVs, but tends to look horrible on 4K TVs, while Blu-Ray looks amazing on 4K TVs.


Dead Reckoning Season 0 Blu-Ray

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