Pre-Rigged Feiyutech AK4500 Gimbal equipped specifically for BMPCC4K/6K Cameras! (Camera/s and lens/es obviously NOT included)


Below is a detailed video on how I had rigged this up to keep the BMPCC4K/6K powered for extended periods suitable for weddings and other fieldwork.
The majority of parts/add-ons shown in the video will be included in this package. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Most important add-on components to be included in pkg:
  • Tilta NP-F970 Battery Base
  • 4 NP-F990 batteries, dual charger
  • 10mm to 15mm Conversion pieces for the Feiyutech Focus Motor
  • 2 Extra Sets of Feiyu Batteries
  • Anker Powerbank + Smallrig holder
  • Extra AK4500 Battery Cap so one remains permanently clamped to 501 plate (also included, along with 2 respective receiving mounts) for anti-accidental twist in Crane 3 build, and one remains ready for Ring build. Makes switching between builds fast and efficient!
  • L-bracket and Cheesplate for easy mounting of Nucleus Nano Wheel and a monitor/phone of choice on Back handle.
What won't be included from the rig shown in video:
  • Camera

  • Tilta Nucleus Nano Wheel and Motor (again, L-bracket and cheeseplate for mounting them WILL be included!)
  • Accsoon Cineeye Air (might be up for separate offer)
  • Portkeys LH5H Monitor.
  • Magnetic USB Cables

Feiyutech AK4500 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Pro Bundle + Power for BMPCC4K/6K