Bought this for my previous gimbal (Moza Air 2) but then moved on to another gimbal as my primary a few months later, so this hasn't seen much use (just one wedding, actually). It's incompaptible with my newer setup.
This is effectively a direct competitor to the Steadicam Steadimate, but without the corporate lie that you need to pay $1500 for the 15lb payload version or $3000 for the 30lb payload version. This competing model package provides the respective springs for 15lb and 33lb together - no deceptive $1500 overcharge for a simple matter of swapped springs. The 33lb springs are marked with the Red end caps, and the 15lb springs are marked with the blue end caps.
Also willing to bundle with the Moza Air 2 package which will be listed soon. That will be a full kit - iFocus M motor, Front/Underslung Handle, Extra Batteries and charger, etc.
Shipping the Vista II alone to customers will be up to around $92. Closer to $75 if you choose to forego the stupid carrying case that was only made for the arm and not the vest (it really is quite useless, so to save you a few bucks shipping, just lmk your zip code and I'll get a more clear estimation from USPS.

Flycam Vista II Arm & Vest (Steadicam Competitor)

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