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Great battery grip for rigs meant to be kept compact with a top handle that provides solid voltage for cinema cameras and/or accessories  such as monitors, as displayed (not included) in the pics above! Used for only 3 shoots, as we transitioned to more gimbal-based rigs that have no place for it.

NOTE TO BMPCC USERS who are considering this for the reasons above: This serves as an excellent power source for your monitors, as they need to be power via a seperate source from your cameras, as the power current tends to stress and burnout the HDMI ports on the BMPCC cameras if both the camera and monitor are sharing the same power source simultaneously!

Furthermore, the D-Tap outs are perfect for powering aTilta Nucleus-M Motor if you use those at all!

The Cheeseplate shown in the pics to provide mounting points for Monitors and such IS included for your convenience! 


This is a Discontinued item at this point, very hard to find!

IndiePRO 72Wh Battery Grip / Top Handle