The Feature Film Experience:

Experience Dead Reckoning Season 0 in a new way - an exclusive feature film cut of the entire season - with all 7 episodes seemlessly merged and repititions of the opening and end title sequences minimized to one occurance, and in maximum quality!


Special Features thus far include the following:

  • Exclusive Bonus Scene: That Gun is Legend
  • Special photomontage filled with photos never published online
  • Behind the Scenes of Dead Reckoning: Evolution, and Season 1

*This "Kid-Friendly" version does not include the full Dead Reckoning: Evolution pilot episode, as it contains some scary moments that may not be suitable. Parents - feel free to view the episode on youtube to make this judgement for yourselves. The episode would be rated in the PG-13 range for scary moments and stylized sci-fi violence. If your child has seen and enjoyed the more violent Star Wars movies and/or Lord of the Rings, this is around that level, so is probably not a concern, but again, this is a judgement for you to make. We include it as a special feature in the regular package as a special glimpse fo the increas in quality experience the future of Dead Reckoning will provide outside of YouTube compression.

YouTube link to DR Evolution Episode 1

[Kid-Friendly] Dead Reckoning Season 0 Blu-Ray/DVD (PRE-ORDER)