What you are getting:
  • A Gear-Up Edition Raider, modded with the Orange Mod Works kit*
    • The Mod kit replaces the crappy original plunger tube with a much stronger one meant to be used without the air-cushioning of air-restrictors; as well as the boltsled with a stronger one to work against the doubled spring power; and of course, the 5kg replacement spring - brings this blaster up to par with its Elite remake, the Rampage
  • The Gear-Up Raider Stock - modified, locked into extended form due to weakness in the lock (since purchase)
  • A painted 18-round drum - faceplate painted dark metal, which fits the rest of the Gear-up color scheme better than the normal light gray faceplates (had to replace the 35-round drum as it was combined with another one in a special mod, which is incompatible with Raiders)
  • A Modulus pinpoint sight
  • An 8-round tac-rail attachment

Any questions, feel free to ask!

Nerf N-strike Gear-up Raider CS-35 MODDED