One of three Demolishers used on set/location for Dead Reckoning Season 0!! This Demolisher is painted in the color scheme and style of the villainous organization, Vialcore Industries, Inc. 
Included are not only the Demolisher itself (minus the original stock), but also:
  • The Modulus Flashlight and small Barrel extension, which as you can see, are both painted to match. 
  • A 12-dart Magazine, which was a 3rd party product, natively black, and of course, custom painted for this prop
  • A Dead Reckoning Season 0 Poster, high quality 18"x12" print
Many layers of clearcoat have been applied to protect the paintjob, and some clear tape has been applied to the small bars adjacent to the native barrel to protect against scraping from repeated placement and removal of the barrel extension, as clearcoat will not likely hold up against that enough. This blaster has taken a great many hours to hand-paint and apply the many layers of clearcoat.
*Batteries NOT included.
All proceeds from this purchase go straight to funding our upcoming Dead Reckoning Evolution season - so we greatly appreciate your purchase, as we strive to deliver an amazing new experience in our future installments!
Buyer-Seller Agreement:
This blaster was simply painted and used in filming, and is fully functional, in fine shape for alternative batteries to power it up! The native barrel still retains some orange, but we strongly recommend NEVER using this in public, unless you are using it as a prop WITH a permit and PROPER arrangements to avoid potential liabilities - but that will be your responsibility if you choose this. By purchasing this blaster, you are agreeing that we cannot be held responsible for any negative consequence of any actions taken with this blaster.

NERF Vialcore Style Demolisher

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