*Not everything in pics are part of the bundle. These pics show the items in the bundle assembled with other items:

  • The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera pictured is NOT included, nor is the cable, battery, nor battery plate.


Gimbal with only Focus Motor and items originally included for $490

With everything else mentioned below, $600:

  • Newwer Table Top Tripod (legs are seen holding up the Crane 2 rig - holds the rig wonderfully, even though you can still freely turn the rig around in the stand with ease, it doesn't let go, and doesn't tip over unless someone decides to be a moron and push it over deliberately.
  • Monfrotto Gimbal Monopod ($60 new)


This setup has served me well in between 9 and 12 shoots from August to November. However, we are in need of upgrade to handle heavier lenses to use with our BMPCC4K and Terra 4K. If not for the need for these larger, heavier lenses, I would hold onto...myyyy prrrreciousssss!!!


Being as it is, this rig worked wonderfully with the Terra 4K, which is a solid 4.2lb body, with some lightweight Canon primes, as well as the BMP4K with the heavier Rokinon 14mm EF with a Viltrox. All those setups worked with the FF motor in use as well.

So if you're sticking with photography lenses with your BMP4K, GH5/S or whatever, this rig should serve your needs wonderfully, as it is suitable for payloads up to 7.2lbs!



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Zhiyun Crane 2 +Optional "Gimbal Wizard Staff" Bundle

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